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 Balance Team

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PostSubject: Balance Team   Balance Team EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 11:20 pm

This is is trying to be my main team, so here it is:

Latios @ExpertBelt (Levitate)
Modest (252SpAtk/252Spe/4HP)
-Dragon Pulse
-HP Fire
Dragon Pulse because with STAB hits hard, and i dont want the SpAtk fell of Draco Meteor. HP Fire for Ferrothorn/Scizor and any grass type. Psyshock for SpWalls and recover if i might survive some hits.

Blissey @Leftovers (Natural Cure)
Calm (252HP/252SpDef/4Spe)
-Heal Bell
-Thunder Wave
-Ice Beam/Seismic Toss
Well, my SpWall,can survive ANYTHING special, the only time i did beat one with SpAtks was after Acid Spray him until -6SpDef and 4HKO Surf. pretty simple, but just the Ice Beam or Seismic Toss trouble.

Quaggsire @Leftovers (Unaware)
Bold (252HP/104Def/64SpAtk/88SpDef)
-Sludge Bomb
A..."different" EV spread. I go for scald, the burning chance. Stockpile for...if im stalling someone and he switch out, at +6 in all, he even can survive a STAB giga drain. Sludge Bomb will hit for some damage, and has the same possibility of poisoning.if they taunt me and scald goes 0, there is sludge bomb

Breelom @Toxic Orb (poison heal)
Jolly (252Spe/252Atk/4HP)
-Focus Punch
-Seed Bomb
Standard sweeper spread, im between this set and the Technician set, instead of Sub/SD and Focus Punch/Mach Punch and Seed Bomb/Bullet Seed.

Gengar @Focus Sash (levitate)
Timid (252Spe/252SpAtk/4HP)
-Shadow Ball
-HP Fire
-Destiny bond
Standard, just that i prefer HP Fire than Focus Miss Razz

Machamp @Lum Berry (No Guard)
Brave (252Atk/252HP/4SpDef)
well, lum berry for me getting extra hit after a status inducter...specificaly burn. Brave for securing payback to hit almost always for double damage

Well, thats my team. go ahead and rate it Razz
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Balance Team
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