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 The Vulcan Constitution

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The Vulcan Constitution Empty
PostSubject: The Vulcan Constitution   The Vulcan Constitution EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 8:00 pm

Quote :
~Follow Smogon Battling rules.

~Battles only count when both participants had equal leveled-Pokemon in their teams. This can be done by selecting LVL. 50 All in WiFi Options.

~You MUST post your battles in this format: (or else it won't count)

R: (how much ranks is he/she lower/higher than you)
GP Earned:

~Battles must be confirmed by both participants.

~People can battle without GPs, as long as people say there will be no GPs BEFORE the battle. Arguments will be solved by leaders.

~Clan War Wins and Losses count in the Total Wins/Losses record of each GVV Member.

~Challenge Cup matches don't count, except in tourneys.

~No whining/complaining when you lose a battle, etc.

~Members can only battle each leader once per day. After that battle, you can still battle for no GPs. Even if you lose the first battle, that still counts as the battle for the day, meaning the following battles you're going to have with that specific leader will have no GP reward.

~The Vulcan Empire is a constitutional monarchy, where the Emperor, the Marshals, and the citizens of Vulcan rule within the parameters of our great Constitution.

~The Emperor will be the Chief Executive Administrator of the clan.

~The Marshals of the Empire (Marshals for short) will be the Administrators of the clan.

~The Crown will be seen as a separate entity from the Empire itself. The Crown=Emperor and his Marshals. The Empire=Citizens.

~There will be Guild Co-leaders, called Head Officers, that will assist each Marshal in running their Guild.

~Head Officers are selected by Marshals.

~Head Officers' votes are determined by their rank, because they are considered citizens, not leaders.

~The Crown can place Head Officers if a Marshals is not available at the moment. The Marshal of course, can replace his/her Head officer once he/she gets back.

~The Emperor is equal to the Marshals, and also equal to the citizens of Vulcan. He is merely "First Marshal" or "First Citizen."

~The Marshals and the citizens of the Empire will co-rule beside the Emperor, making GVV the only clan where the members also rule.

Hereditary Rules:

NOTE: Emperor is the same as Empress. It is grammatically correct to use the male form, so please don't be confused.

~To prevent confusion, I have decided not to make heirs for each guild, but rather have an heir for the WHOLE CLAN. We will model ourselves after the Roman Empire, not the Kingdoms of the Middle Ages.

~The Emperor will pick the heir.

~The Emperor appoints his Marshals. The Emperor CAN also replace his Marshals. This applies except to the FIRST THREE, which is Extroph the Just, Moose the Mighty, and Silver the Gentle, who are irreplaceable. This also applies to the Second Il Mentore: Cosmic Fury, who is also irreplaceable.

~The Emperor can be a female, in which case she will be called Empress.

~An Emperor can pick one of his Marshals to become the heir.

~Once a Marshal/Emperor steps down/quits, they cannot return to their Leadership position. A former Marshal can never be picked as Emperor/marshal for example. A former Emperor cannot be a marshal.

~The heir will remain a secret.


~Follow all GVV rules.

The Crown Rules:
~The Emperor can make laws.

~The Emperor can veto any law passed if he deems it "unconstitutional," and/or it is in his judgment that the Thread is not good for the Empire.

~The Emperor has the right to lock a Parliamentary Thread if he deems it "unconstitutional," and/or it is in his judgment that the Thread is not good for the Empire.

~The Emperor CANNOT declare war with another clan.

~The Emperor CANNOT ban a citizen.

The Senate Rules:
~A Marshal's vote equals three votes.

~Marshals can make rules/veto laws/lock threads if they deem it "unconstitutional," and/or it is in their judgment that the Thread is not good for the Empire, but they must have the Emperor's permission.

~Marshals CANNOT declare war with another clan.

~Marshals CANNOT ban a citizen.

The House of Comrades Rules:

~Bills need 13 votes to be a law.

~Follow basic GVV rules.

~Non-members will be allowed to join us in the Public xat. (http://xat.com/gildevonvier)

~In the Public xat, Vulcan Citizens will be granted moderator status.

~Only members are allowed in The Imperial District, which is the second xat. (http://xat.com/The_Imperial_District)

~In The Imperial District, only selected citizens will be granted moderator status.

~In both xats, failure to live up to moderator expectations and failure to do moderator responsibilities will lead to being membered.

~NO temporary members will be accepted.

~Only use the userbar that corresponds with your rank.

~Do not use foul language.

~No inappropriate posting, etc.

~No advertising or spamming.

~No trolling, flaming, or being hateful.
Please be nice to other members. We are all Vulcan Citizens. We are all brothers.

~Never argue with the leaders.

~The clan forum and xat can only be shared between members via PM.

~Do not ask to be a member of the Guild Forces.
We will contact you if you are deemed worthy by the Emperor/Prince.

~Do not make/use multiple accounts.

~NO illegal stuff discussion, etc. (ROM, hacking, SAVs, etc.)

~Give credit to people who make you artwork. If you use the clan userbars, make sure you credit Extroph.
They've worked hard on it, so make sure you credit them.

~DO NOT edit the clan userbars.

~Follow the rules of serebii.net.


~GPs will be reset when you switch Guilds.

~To earn GP for fulfilling a Pokemon request, requests must be taken from your Shop in the Clan Forum. If the request was via PM, etc., GP will not be given to the breeder.

~The Army will be divided into Three Cohorts.

~The Navy will be divided into Three Fleets.

~The Army will be for soldiers who only have PO.

~The Navy will be for people who have WiFi and/or PO.

~To give everyone in the army and navy a chance, Members of each cohort/fleet will switch every Clan War.

~There will be no subs. This will teach the Army and the Navy to become responsible.

~The Emperor will be the only one that can review Janissaries.

~Janissaries will be tested by:

PO: pkmnswampmaster

WiFi: Pambihirang_nilalang

~If the tested Janissary is good enough, he/she will be put in the Third Cohort/Fleet, depending on which sector he/she picked.

~Starting GP will correspond to the Janissary's given rank.

~Starting Rank must NOT be higher than Rank 5.


Channel Rules:
~Don´t Spam, Flame nor troll, since Youtube is out of serebii´s rules follow youtube´s basic behavior rules (Or just use common sense)

~You can send questions via PM or Comments, but don´t Spam your question will be aswered eventually

~Don´t spoil the videos

~You are not required to subcribe or befriend the GVV Channel, so do this only if you wish

~The Channel is public, not members exclusive, but there might be some videos uploaded as private or unlisted so only desired people can watch it

~Never share the Channel´s E-mail adress with non clan members

~If someone quits the clan it will not be blocked from the channel

~Have Fun!!!!

Uploading Rules:
~You can VM or PM an Admin to ask him/her to evaluate your video if you feel but dont spam.

~You must first send the video attached to an E-mail to the address shown in the Channel section of our Clan Forum.

~The video doesnt has a specif lenght limit but try no to pass the 10 minutes.

~Your video will be uploaded only if the admin approves it.

~The video must have pokemon or GVV related content.

~It must not have adult explicit material.

~The GP earned depends on the admin desicion and only if you video is approved and uploaded.

~You must be in Rank 6 (Highest Rank) to enter the Hotel.

~NO alliances and/or friendships will be made with other clans. GVV is better alone, since we ARE the most stable and powerful clan in SppF.

~If a member lies, even once, his/her GP will be reset to zero.

~Quitting from the clan will result in your name being forever put in the Untouchables List.

~Vulcan will ALWAYS be a 4-Guilded City. Attempts of passing a bill for a creation of a 5th Guild will be considered unconstitutional.

~GVV will NEVER merge with another NOR accept a merger clan. It is either join, or get out. The privileges of being a Vulcan Citizen is not easily given to barbarians.

~Everyone is required to be sentimental with the clan.

~Feeling proud of being a member of the greatest clan in serebii is encouraged. Members are also encouraged to encourage other people that GVV is the greatest.

~These are the general rules. Use common sense. If you think what you're doing is wrong, then it probably is. If you're really not sure, PM one of the Founders.

~Some rules are included in their respective genre. This means that not ALL the rules can be found here. This is done for the convenience of members. For example, to look for more GP Rules, go to the GP Section.

~If you get reported to a Founder for breaking the rules, it is up to him/her to decide your punishment. Whether it's a simple 1 hour ban from chat to being banned from the clan altogether, a founder's judgment is final.

~If you do something that the Founders deems to be bad, but is not included in the rules, you CAN still be punished. The punishment is up to the Founders.
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The Vulcan Constitution
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