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 Vulcan Imperial History

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Vulcan Imperial History

Vulcan Imperial History Imperial_Banner Vulcan Imperial History Imperial_Banner_with_Eagle

What it means to be a Vulcan

The Vulcan Empire is one of a kind. First off, it is the only clan also considered to be a state. It is also probably the only clan in the world to have a strong, realistic government. So, the most common question is: What makes Vulcan citizens so unique? What does it mean to be a Vulcan?

A Vulcan citizen is different from any other clan member. A Vulcan has power over his own clan, and he shapes his clan for the common good. A Vulcan also has strong civic duty. A Vulcan can never get a peace of mind knowing his nation is threatened. Throughout the history of Vulcan, only about four have left on their own decision. This is one of the key differences of a Vulcan to a normal clan member. A Vulcan is very loyal to the "Crown and Country." The attraction to Vulcan is great, as not many clans provide democracy. Hence the words on the anthem of Vulcan: Rule Vulcannia! Vulcannia rule the waves! Vulcans ne-e-ever will be slaves!

The Vulcan Time Periods

To date, there are a total of three time periods in Vulcan history. Each has its "sub-periods," which are the time frames in that specific period.

Vulcan Imperial History 637The Monarchy Vulcan Imperial History 637
Historical Outline of "The Monarchy":

Vulcan Imperial History 257The Republic Vulcan Imperial History 257

Vulcan Imperial History 250The Imperial RestorationVulcan Imperial History 250

Vulcan Imperial History 637The Current EmpireVulcan Imperial History 637

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Vulcan Imperial History
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